Finesse and Fantasy of Telugu Women (From Heritage Perspective)
Dr Varalakshmi Janapathy
  • year : 1996
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: l. Distinct culture of Telugus - Norms of Family life. ll. A Home - Some fine sentiments. lll. Aesthetic sense - Interior decoration, lV. Important events and rituals in a woman's life, V. Woman in worship, Vl. Cultural life - Festivals and fasts, Vll. Dress and deportment, Vlll. Jewellary and adornment, lX. Singing and dancing - A Pastime, X. Women in handicrafts, Xl. Games and amusements, Xll. Woman as depicted in Art and architecture, Xlll. Woman as depicted in Telugu literature, XlV. The uncouth and Gibberish, XV. Happy Home - Making of a Woman