Fieldwork in Geography
J E Archer and T H Dalton
  • ISBN : 9788131612675
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Recent developments in geography teaching have led to a notable expansion of fieldwork at every level. Here is a comprehensive teacher's handbook that deals with all types of fieldwork from the simple project to the lengthy scheme. The authors first discuss the aims and purpose of fieldwork, its relation to syllabuses, and its role in examinations. They then give detailed and practical consideration to the techniques required in the various aspects of geomorphology, meteorology, human geography, etc. Throughout, theory is closely related to practice, and the work suggested for particular areas can be applied to any other convenient locations. Some 80 line illustrations give added point to a remarkably comprehensive text. The book will also be most helpful to students and researchers. Its range and value are assured by the wide experience of the authors. CONTENTS PART ONE: Geographical Fieldwork 1 Aims and purpose 2 The place of fieldwork in the syllabus 3 The role of fieldwork in examinations PART TWO: Techniques of Fieldwork 4 Geomorphology 5 Meteorology 6 Human Geography PART THREE: Planning and Organising the Field-excursion PART FOUR: The Field Study Excursions PART FIVE: The Field Study Exhibition ABOUT THE AUTHOR / EDITOR J.E. Archer is Headmaster of Stockwell Manor School, London. J.H. Dalton, formerly Head of the Geography Department in a large comprehensive school, now lectures at Avery Hill College of Education, London.