Fermentation Microbiology: Principles, Tools & Applications
Kanika Sharma, Kavita Rathore and Deepa Hada
  • ISBN : 9789389212297
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The phenomenon of Fermentation is very closely associated with human life. The process been exploited for thousands of years for the benefit of Human life. We see examples of usage of fermentation products like curd, bread, idli, dosa, pickles etc. in our every day life. Fermented foods and beverages are an integral part of human life since time immemorial. Large number of fermented products, foods and beverages are now being manufactured commercially by several small and large companies including many international giants. Fermentation microbiology is an upcoming field and has opened up several new job opportunities and avenues. In view of this it the subject has gained importance and most higher education institutes have included this either in their existing syllabi or have introduced it as an elective/mandatory subject at UG and PG level in order to create human resource to meet the demands of the industry. Hence, a need was felt for books that can make the students understand the basics before moving on to the advanced topics. This book “ Fermentation Microbiology” has been written with the aim of presenting the students with a wide spectrum of basic knowledge of industrial microbiology to an in-depth study of the subject matter besides helping them to develop a clear understanding of the principles of Microbiology. It has been written in an easy to understand language and provides enough description of the subject desired for graduate as well as post graduate students of industrial Microbiology. Contents : 1. Fundamentals and Principles of Fermentation Technology 2. Tools of Fermentation Technology 3. Applications of Microbial Fermentation