Fauna of Assam (Part- 2) Vertebrates
Dhriti Banerjee and Kosygin Laishram
  • ISBN 13 : 9788181716088
  • year : 2023
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
The State of Assam is an integral unit of the Eastern Himalayan biodiversity region, occupying 2.39% of India s landmass; Assam is the most vibrant of eight states comprising the Northeast. Favourable climate, topographic and edaphic factors support huge variety of flora and fauna from here. However there is a scatter representation of vertebrate fauna available from this state. Most of these studies mainly conducted in several parts of the states but in case of a compiled vertebrate faunal database, this gateway of northeast remains neglected in this context. For being the largest state of northeastern stretch of country, a complete and compiled database on different vertebrate fauna from this region was necessary. As the vertebrate research history from this state is still not so compiled and updated, because most of the research are dispersed and cannot be represented as a whole. For the first time, a consolidated study has been done on the current taxonomic status of different vertebrate faunal groups from the state of Assam. The Survey has been done along different protected areas from the state of Assam including different National Park and Wildlife Sanctuaries. Present research work includes vertebrate faunal resources studies across different district of Assam throughout the entire state. The book dealt with 1257 faunal species covering from Pisces to Mammalia from the state in six chapters. The detailed checklist of 1257 species of vertebrates has been illustrated in the document. This book will serve, as a baseline data to understand the vertebrate faunal diversity of the state as well as it will be a comprehensive documentation for revised conservation strategies and sustainable use of bio resources. CONTENTS: Foreword. 1. Pisces/Khynriam D and Sen N. 2. Amphibia/Saikia B, Deuti K and Chandra S K. 3. Reptilia/Gayen N C, Sur S, Sengupta S and Sethy P G S. 4. Aves/Alam I, Maheswaran G, Ghosh S, Basu Roy S and Sakhthivel R. 5. Mammalia/De J K, Kamalakannan M and Venkatraman V. 6. Mammalia: Chiroptera/Saikia U.