Farewell to Welfare State: Niti Aayog Demonetisation and GST
S Mohammed Irshad
  • ISBN : 9788193945155
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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The account is an analysis of the economic policies that we confront today in India. Inhuman brutality under the pretext of development is rampant in present day world. India, too is not an exception. Here social justice is trampled under-foot. The human face of the Nehruvian era is forced to slip into oblivion. The planning commission is dismantled and replaced by the NITI aayog. De-monetisation and GST have pegged the last nails in the nation's coffin. Obituary of welfarism, thus, is in the offing. But who are to be blamed?. The text has argued that the political economy of the policies are mere continuation of the policies of the previous governments. Simple style of articulation coupled with extensive usage of primary data, charts, tables, graphs and glossaryhas made the book thought provoking. Students of Economics, sociial activists will find this book interesting for its insight into the subject.