Export Import Management: Basics of International Trade and Transportation
Premkumar Balaraman
  • ISBN : 9789381416525
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Preface. 1. Trends in international trade. 2. WTO and international trade. 3. Trade agreements and the international trade centre. 4. International market assessment. 5. Setting up the business. 6. Export sales contracts. 7. Methods of payment in international trade. 8. International trade documentation and procedures. 9. International trade transportation and value chains. 10. Containerization and cold chain logistics. 11. Air transportation. 12. Ocean freight and shipping operations. 13. Risk and insurance in international trade. 14. INCOTERMS. 15. Export assistance and promotion. Appendix. Index. This book offers an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of Export Import Management. The author explains the various theoretical foundations and practical reality of International Trade. The role and significance of the various Trade promotion bodies like World Trade Organization (WTO), International Trade Center (ITC), Regional and International Trade Agreements are revisited for clarity. For International Business Managers and Entrepreneurs, the book provides in a user friendly manner the steps involved in venturing into Export Import Business. In International Trade, understanding of fundamentals of Export Contracts, Methods of Payment, International Trade Documentation and Procedures are key to success and are discussed adequately. Special emphasis is given in the book to cover the technical intricacies of Containerization, Global Value Chains, Air Transportation, Ocean Freight and Shipping Operations. Container Dimensions and Codes specified by ISO 6346, Ocean Cargo Marking and Symbols and the Classification of Air Cargo Containers are depicted with detailed information. INCOTERMS is the master dictionary on Export Import documentation and is discussed as a separate chapter for practitioners and academic audience. The country specific Case Studies on Export Import Procedures, Assistance and Promotion covering the major Continents, serves for self-study and class room discussions. The book will be highly useful to practitioners, academicians and students, pursuing their careers in International Business