Explorations in Indian Philosophy
Rajendran Chettiarthodi
  • ISBN : 9788124610350
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Any discourse on Indian philosophy has to be taken out of the box in which it was confined for ages using obsolete methods for evaluating thinking patterns. In the traditional way of analysing Indian philosophy there was an inimical approach to each other between the philosophers and the philologists, and between the Sanskrit tradition-oriented philosophers and modern English/vernacular-based philosophers. This friction is evident in the hesitation of the traditionalists in giving philosophers like Daya Krishna and K.C. Bhattacharyya their due share. The twelve essays in this volume address many a question about the characteristics of Indian philosophical traditions and Indian-ness. Indian philosophy is essentially not Sanskrit based alone, there is a significant contribution to it from the South Asian languages and English, and the cultures of the subcontinent. It attempts to provide provocative insights in sharing the author’s penetrative acumen both in his traditional and modern approaches to South Asian intellectual systems. It therefore addresses the prejudice between the East and the West, and traditional and modern, and the concerns of South Asian diaspora in the Western countries. As far as this anthology is concerned, the icing on the cake is the Foreword by Dr Mrinal Kaul, who critically analyses the major developments taken place in the realm of Indian philosophy in the last few decades, critically appreciating the contents. CONTENTS Contents Foreword by Mrinal Kaul Preface Comparative Philosophy: Problems and Approaches Countering Epistemological Scepticism: The Bhatta View of Counter Argument as Represented in Manameyodaya Inference as a Means of Valid Knowledge in Indian Epistemological Tradition The Impact of Navya-Nyaya on Sanskrit Poetics with Special Reference to Jagannatha Pandita Nyaya and Other Systems of Indian Philosophy The Hermeneutics of Shankara: Some Methodological Musings Kerala’s Vedantic Heritage Contribution of Kerala to Mimamsa Philosophy Influence of Purva-Mimamsa on Alamkarashastra Influence of Buddhist Philosophy on Mahima Bhatta References to Buddhist Philosophy in Dhvanyaloka Influence of Nyaya–Vaisheshika Philosophy on Alamkarashastra Bibliography Index