Excavations At HULAS (1978 -1983) (From Harappan times to Early Medieval) (Memoirs of the Archaeological Survey of India No.113)
K N Dikshit, V C Sharma, Y S Rawat, K K Sharma, K S Saraswat and I Mahadevan
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The ancient site at Hulas, located in Nakur Tehsil of district Saharanpur, Western UP, is abount 8km west from Nanauta, small town on Delhi-Saharanpur state highway. The main objective of the excavations was to uncover details of the Harappan culture especially in the doab. Contents: Foreword, Acknowledgements, List of figures, List of Plates, Chapter 1. Introduction, Chapter 2. The Cuttings and Stratigraphy, Chapter 3. Settlement Pattern: Structures, Chapter 4. The Pottery, Chapter 5. Antiquities, Chapter 6. Disposal of Dead, Chapter 7. Chronology, Chapter 8. Discussion: The Analysis of Field Data, Chapter 9. Comparison and Conclusion, References, Appendices 1. Indus Sealing from Hulas, II. Exploration in the Adjoining Region. III. Plant Economy of late Harappans at Hulas, IV. List of Radio-carbon Dates