Evolution of Tantric Culture
Dr Prajith J P
  • ISBN : 9788174792099
  • year : 2018
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Tantrism along with Tantric literature, holds a very important place among ancient Indian literature, philosophy and culture. This book is a general study that travels through Tantrasastra, Tantric literature and Indian Tantric cults. The common man still beholds Tantra through the veil of secrecy and mystery. This work is a sincere attempt to reveal to the layman, Tantrasastra and its exhaustive literature. Written in a simple and lucid style, this book makes a good read for both casual and serious readers of Indian sciences, mythology and philosophy. Contents: Acknowledgement Preface 1. Evolution of Tantra 2. The Vedic Aspects of Tantra : An Analysis 3. Tantric Sweep in Sciences and Arts 4. TÃ¥ntric Literature: An Overview 5. Contribution of Keralites to Tantric Culture & Literature: A Study 6. Conclusion Bibliography Index