Eureka! Greatest Scientists who changed the World
S Ananthanarayanan
  • ISBN : 9789353335458
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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An enriching narrative of the world’s greatest scientists, filled with stories of conflicts, challenges and breakthroughs. Eureka! Races through twenty-three centuries of the spirit of enquiry and discovery, which uncovered secret after secret about the ways of nature. From early Greeks to twentieth-century scientists, this book takes readers to the discoveries of copernicus, kepler, Newton, ampère, Huygen’s, Dalton, Darwin and many more. Each br>Chapter describes the work of pivotal scientists who sought out and seized patterns that transformed human understanding of nature and the world. The work of each scientist is presented in the context of the time, the challenges faced, the misconceptions cleared and the opposition overcome. This book tells the story of how scientists, through the ages, strove to understand the nature of the physical world, and will, hopefully, inspire new ways of dealing with current challenges.