Essentials of Microbiology
Sudhir Pradhan
  • ISBN : 9788176224260
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Microbiology is the study of small organisms (bacteria, algae, fungi, protozoa, and viruses) which cannot be seen without microscope. In spite of being micro in size, these organisms affect every aspect of life on earth, and play a key role in maintaining life on the earth, fixing gases and breaking down dead plant and animal materials into simpler substances, which are required at the beginning of the food chain. These microbes are also useful as they show symbiotic effects like Rhizobiums, Azospirilhum, Glommus spp. etc. the knowledge of microbiology can also explore beneficial characteristics of microbes to benefit human beings such as production of antibiotics, enzymes and food. Besides they are used to break down sewage and other toxic organic wastes, produced from domestic and industrial activities in to safe matter through bio remediation. This title carries eleven chapters namely, Microbiology, Microbial World, Cell Structures, Microbial Nutrition, Micro Growth, Staining Techniques, Microscopy, Methods for Culturing and Preserving Microorganism, Physiology of Microorganisms, Synetric Effect of Microorganisms with Inorganic and Organic Matters, Developments of Microbiology in India. The language of the book is simple, crisp and lucid. Illustrations are given wherever necessary, as they elucidate facts. This title is useful for the students, teachers and scientist who are working on Microbiology. The contents are planned systematically and the title value has been increased by adding figures, half-tones, flow charts, etc.