Environmental Science: Empirical Studies (Reprint Edition, first published in 2013)
Arvind Kumar
  • ISBN : 9788170356653
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Environmental Science is the scientific study of the distribution, abundance of life and the interaction between organisms and their natural environment. It is a multidisciplinary science. Because of its focus on the higher levels of the organization of life on earth and on the interrelations between organisms and their environment, ecology draws on many other branches of science, especially geology and geography, meteorology, pedology, genetics, chemistry and physics. Thus, ecology is considered by some to be a holistic science, one that over-arches older disciplines such as biology which in this view become sub-disciplines contributing to ecological knowledge. The present book is an accessible and up-to-date text covering all essential aspects of introductory ecology. It is designed to cultivate the beginner students’ understanding of, and fascination with, the natural environment. In a concise, engaging style, this text outlines the essential principles of ecology from the theoretical fundamentals to their practical applications. The updated information with fruitful diagrams, valuable pedagogical features and wide range of examples make this book an ideal for students and teachers of ecology and Environmental Science.