Environmental Management
R Balamurugan
  • ISBN 13 : 9788192813028
  • year : 2016
  • language :
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The knowledge of environment is very essential to protect the life support system. The increase in population growth results in over exploitation of natural resources and massive quantity of production of goods and services results in environmental pollution. The release of pollutants in water, land and atmosphere results in degradation of life support system. The problem of pollution has been realized throughout the world. Hence the preservation and conservation of life support system could be the urgent task of the planners, policy makers and environmentalists throughout the world. This book is a source inspiration about the environmental issues and causes and consequences of environmental degradation. This book sheds light on ways and means of preservation and conservation of environment. This book is expected to meet the educational needs of engineering students, management course students, science and social science students. This book covers the common subject matter applicable to students of all disciplines. This book is a source of knowledge for environmental management and it is a resource guide for planner, policy makers and environmentalists