Environmental Issues
Sudha Sambyal Malik
  • ISBN : 9789388982962
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Due to the ever increasing demands of human beings there is an additional requirement of understanding environmental issues related to human activities, and their effect on the planet. The need to protect the environment seems frequently in conflict with the need to feed the ever growing population, to supply the energy to the industries, transportation and fueling other needs. The present textbook begins with the basic knowledge of environmental issues. The aim of the book is to present an outline of environmental problems created by human beings in their quest to produce food and make life comfortable; to highlight the effects of these problems on environment, living organisms and humans themselves; to draw attention to the work of individuals, groups and governments in their efforts to solve these environmental problems and preserve the environment and the world for the future generations. This book will discuss the broad overview of the global and regional environmental issues including global warming, ozone layer depletion, environmental pollution, regional issues like desertification, eutrophication, siltation etc. It includes coverage of contemporary hot topics such as biodiversity, urbanization and deforestation. This book will be very useful not only for the Environmental Science students, but also for all other PG students who have opted for the Environmental Issues course in open elective course. It is presented in highly readable manner that makes it easy for the students with limited science background, while remaining useful to those with more. Efforts have been made to make the readers understand the causes of environmental problems and find local and global solutions to these problems. It will help the students to understand the need to protect the environment. The easy approach followed in this book will help the students to explore the importance of study of Environmental Issues.