Rajan Kumar Gupta and Satya Shila Singh
  • ISBN : 9789351247364
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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'In modern age, environment is affected by anthropogenic activities at each and every second to maximize the benefits for the fulfillment of human need. At every moment, newer technologies, as an emerging field, have been continuously introduced to protect environment from pollution and contamination so that sustainable environment would be ensured. Environmental science is the study of environmental disharmonies created by the interactive effect of humans and the natural world and the solutions related to environmental problems by using newer technologies i.e. Environmental biotechnology which is most historic and eminently modern technical discipline.\nThis book deals with the technologies used for the improvement of the quality of the environment for the human welfare by using microbes and plants. It also includes constantly new technologies to introduce contemporary problems Read more Table of Contents Acknowledgementv Forewordvii Prefaceix 1.Nanobiotechnology: An Introduction1 2.Optical Fiber Biosensors: An Overview17 3.Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles Using Higher Plants33 4.Calcium Ion Regulation in Cyanobacteria63 5.Cyanobacteria: Diversity and Applications in Biotechnology83 6.utrophication, Algal Bloom and their Toxicity on Human and Animals101 7.Azolla and Blue Green Algae Supplementation Affecting Mycorrhization and Growth of Rice111 8.Application of Biotechnology in Agricultural Production131 9.Prospects of Bio-composting in Organic Farming and Environment Management147 10.Role of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Herbicide Degradation179 11.Bioprospecting Himalayan Lichens for Antimicrobial Activity: An Efficient Extraction and Microbial Assay Methodology189 12.nvironmental Biotechnology and Human Welfare205 13.ffect of Heavy Metal on Fish Gills211 14.Plant Litter Decomposition, Humus Formation and Carbon Sequestration225 15.Production of Cellulases using Agriculture Waste: Application in Biofuels Production233 16.Impact of Light Climate on Periphyton and Autotrophic index in Ganga River, India245 17.Phytoremediation of Environmental Pollutants: A Biotechnological Perspective265 18.Role of Programmed Cell Death in Plant Development and Defense 277 19.Phytotechnology and its Techniques to Combat Environmental Pollution of Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems287 20.In vitro Technique for Selection of Plants Tolerant to Environmental Stresses309 21.Cordyceps sinensis: A Magical Medicinal Mushroom347 22.Biosurfactants from Micro-organisms for Broad-spectrum Environmental Biotechnological Applications361 Index397