Engendering Agricultural Development: Dimensions & Strategies
Edited by Binoo P Bonny, K P Sudheer and Smitha S
  • ISBN : 9789391383060
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The book is an attempt to comprehend and compile the history, present status and future trends of gender roles in agriculture. The book comprises of three divisions viz., Gender in agriculture development (Part I), Gender in allied sectors of agriculture (Part II) and Data, Tools and approaches in gender analysis (Part III), that explicates the prevalent gendered relegations. It provides insights on the gender dimensions in Indian agriculture, including initiatives, policy reforms and mends the literature gap in gender roles in the sector. The gender roles and impacts from different cultural and geographical horizons of Indian agricultural and allied sectors in the emerging contexts of globalization, urbanization, climate change and the Covid19 pandemic is gathered in this book. The readership of the book covers academicians, researchers, students and social workers who strive towards a gender-neutral world. Contents: Part-I: Gender in Agriculture Development 1. Gender in Agriculture: A Development Perspective Binoo P. Bonny, Akhil Ajith and Lokesh S. 2. Gender Disaggregated Data in Agriculture Mathura Swaminathan and S. Niyati 3. Gender Advocacy for Food and Nutritional Security Ruchira Bhattacharya 4. Design and Implementation of Gender Sensitive Extension Programmes Nimisha Mittal and Rasheed Sulaiman V. 5. Public Private Partnership for Gender Mainstreaming in Agriculture K. Ponnusamy 6. Gender in Agriculture Research: Trends Over the Years Jayasree Krishnankutty, Shilpa Karat and Shinoji K.C. 7. Gender Dimensions in Natural Resource Management Prema, A., Hema M. and Jyotsna C. 8. Climate Change and Gender Vulnerabilities in Agriculture Chitra Parayil, Aiswarya.T.P. and Binoo P. Bonny 9. Gender Sensitization: A Step Towards Gender Inclusive Development Sreeram Vishnu and Archana Bhatt 10. Gender-Sensitive Monitoring and Evaluation: Prospects and Challenges Archana Raghavan Sathyan and Anu Susan Sam Part-II: Gender in Allied Sectors of Agriculture 11. Gender Responsive Agribusiness Development: An Indian Perspective K.P. Sudheer, Sreelakshmi K. Unni and Ann Annie Shaju 12. Gender in Household Nutrition and Community Health T.V. Hymavathi 13. Gender and Livestock Development Reeja George P. 14. Gender Roles in Fisheries and Aquaculture Tanuja S., H.K. De, G.S. Saha, I. Sivaraman, S.K. Swain and S.K. Srivastava 15. Gender Perspectives in Forest Management Parvathy Venugopal and Abha Manohar, K. 16. Gender Friendly Tools and Equipments in Farm Mechanization Suma Nair, Suresh A. and Ayisha Mangat Part-III: Tools and Approaches in Gender Analysis 17. Gender Analysis: Strategies and Tools Sabita Mishra 18. Gender Budgeting: A Tool for Women Empowerment Smitha S. and Sulaja O.R. 19. Access and Adoption of Agricultural Technology and Interventions: A Gender Analysis Anu Susan Sam and Archana Raghavan Sathyan 20. Extension Toolkits for Gender Responsive Value Chain Development Aparna Radhakrishnan and Allan Thomas 21. Empowerment Through Rural Women Collectives Sulaja O.R. and Smitha S. 22. Emotional Intelligence in Gender Empowerment History: Reality and Challenges Devi Soumyaja 23. Property Entitlement: Introspection on Women Rights Adv. Linipriya Vasan About the Author: Binoo P Bonny, Professor & Head, Department of Agricultural Extension & Centre for Gender Studies in Agriculture and Farm Entrepreneurship Development, College of Agriculture, Kerala Agricultural University. K P Sudheer, (ICAR National Fellow), Professor & Head, Department of Agricultural Engineering & KAU RAFTAAR Agribusiness Incubator, College of Agriculture, Kerala Agricultural University. Smitha S, Assistant Professor, Centre for Gender Studies in Agriculture and Farm Entrepreneurship Development, College of Agriculture, Kerala Agricultural University.