Enchanting Tripura (Reprint)
Apurba Chandra Bhattacharyya
  • ISBN : 9789394797307
  • year : 2023
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Tripura State is bounded on the East by the Kukee land, on the North by the district of Sylhet, on the West by Sylhet district British district of Tippera, Noakhali District and on the South by the district of Chittagong. The present Miles which lies between 22°-59' to 24°-31' N and 91°-12' to 92°-28' E. It is a picturesque hilly country with deep jungles. There are as many as seven ranges of hills running from North to South. The ranges stand nearly 10 to 12 miles apart from each other interspersed with beautiful plains and marshy lands. There are many peaks in the ranges the highest being Betalang Shiv (3200 ft.). A number of small streamlets pass through this State of which the Gumti and the Manu deserve special mention. The Gumti derives its name from the combination of Chhaima and Longtorai have their source from Athara Mura (Hills of eighteen peaks). This river gliding as it does through the State serves as a tributary of the big Meghna river. The old capital towns of Amarpur, Rangamati and Udaypur are situated on the bank of this river. There are also a few waterfalls near the origin of the river which are designated as the Damburu waterfall. This book is the descriptive account of history of Tripura, its Rulers and its people. This book gives the idea about the living culture of tribes of Tripura.