Emperors, Saints and People: Revisiting Deccan History
Edited by Mohammad Nazrul Bari and R Arjun
  • ISBN : 9789355721235
  • year : 2023
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The Deccan Plateau has diverse ecological formations that have shaped human ecology, politics, philosophies, trade and urbanization. With thirteen meticulously researched contributions, Emperors, Saints and People: Revisiting Deccan History tells the story of the region from the earliest remains of hominins in and around the Bhīma and Krishna rivers of prehistoric times to the paintings of gender-based marginalized sections in the Nizam's Dominion of the twentieth century. The contributions explore archaeological and historical remains and examine rulers and their administrative reforms, art and architectural influences, Sufi saints and their contributions to the flowering of Indo-Persianate traditions. The volume also investigates the lives of common people—an aspect that has consistently been considered peripheral to the historical reconstruction of the region. This volume highlights the interwoven fabric of the Deccan through all these facets, delineating continuities and transformation through the ages.