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Author:S Janardana Reddy
ISBN 13:9788194923718
Subject:Science and Technology

About the Book

Nanotechnology is an emerging interdisciplinary technology that has been booming in many areas during the recent decade, including material science, mechanics, electronics, optics, medicine, plastics, energy electronics, biology, agriculture, aquaculture and aerospace. The approaches for engineered nanomaterials are developing exponentially, along with the consciousness in government, industry and public groups of nano safety issues. There is also growing public concern caused by negative perceptions among some high-profile groups that nano-enabled products are proliferating uncontrollably and being released without adequate testing of their safety. Many of the fine particles presently contemplated harmless are likely to acquire unique properties when condensed to a nanomolecular size and could manifest toxic biological effects. It is well known that the toxicity of engineered nanoparticles (NPs) may depend on the physical and chemical characteristics of the particles. Nanotechnology is evolving rapidly in industrial applications, medical imaging, disease diagnosis, drug delivery, cancer treatment, and gene therapy, and also to aid in visual imaging. Nanotechnology is at the cutting edge of rapid healthcare product development as it has many potential human health benefits, but it is perceived with some apprehension for its potential human health risks. Contents: Nanotechnology: Biomedical Applications and Human Health S. Janardana Reddy, M. Srinivasulu Reddy, A. T. Venkata Ramana Reddy, N. Naga Raju Therapeutic Role of Nanotechnology in Neurological Diseases Venkatramana Reddy A T, Rajasekhar M, Janardana Reddy S., Ramakrishna V, Venkatarami Reddy N, Nagaraju N Biogenic Nanoparticles: A Comprehensive Review to Explore Multidrug Resistance Mechanisms among Microbes K. Vasavi, N. Ravi Kumar, A. T. Venkatramana Reddy, G. L. N. Prasad, I. S. Chakrapani, and M. Rajasekhar Nanotechnology in the Food Industry Silpa Somavarapu and Ch. Venkatrayulu Nanotechnology: Applications and Future Challenges S. Janardana Reddy, ATV Ramana Reddy, N. Naga Raju Nanotechnology and Feature Trend Applications B. Sreenivasulu and Dr. S. Venkatramana Reddy Gold Nanoparticles in the Use of Cancer Therapy L. Srikanth and P. V. G. K. Sarma A Critical Review on Potent Prospects of Biogenic Metallic Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy N. Ravi Kumar K. Vasavi, A. T. Venkatramanareddy, G. L. N. Prasad, I. S. Chakrapani, N. Naga Raju and M. Rajasekhar Microwave Assistive Biogenic Synthesis of NiNPs by using Leaf Extract of Lepidagathis cristata: Characterization and its Antibacterial Activities Himagirish Kumar S, Prasad C, Deepa K, Vasantha T and Jyothi N. V. V. Nanotechnology in Designing and Development of Functional Foods for Health Promotion Manjula Kola, B. Kalyani and D. Jhansi