Educational Thought of Guru Nanak Dev
Ramesh Prasad Pathak
  • ISBN : 9788183706407
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Educational thoughts of Guru Nanak Dev was very much understood through his “Bani”. The word ‘Bani’ means ‘word’ ’speech’ language, a sacred utterance of a holy man? Guru Nanak dev had made several efforts to solve the problems of the society, through the media of his ‘Bani’ and its contribution to the education. The book throws light on various other aspects of education of Guru Nanak Dev which deserves intensive analysis, discourse and validation. The book contains six cheapters are - Indian and Western concept of Education, Life sketch of Guru Nanak Dev, Philosophy of Sikhism and concept of education philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev, Educational thoughts of Guru Nanak Dev and Relevance educational Philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev in the present context. The book will be a helpful text for students pursuing B. Ed., M. Ed. and M. Phil. in various universities in India and abroad.