Ecology Environment and Politics
CBSR Sharma
  • ISBN : 9789386397713
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Preface. Global Perspectives: 1. Ecology and resources development and environment. 2. Science and art of ecology. 3. Continuing ecospasms the perennial concerns. 4. Ecological world views on a triaging world. 5. Globalization and the Indian society one step forward, two steps backward; both awkward. 6. Development on ecological bases. 7. Biodiversity: perceptions and pro-actions. 8. Chemicals worse than radiations. 9. Chemical warfare. Conscientious Responses: 10. Environmental Movements. 11. NGOs: Altruistic organizations voluntary agencies are the only hope for ecological security and political stability. 12. Cataclysmic Kalki in India ecological degeneration is Harakiric to Indian polity. 13. Feminism in an ecological age. 14. Ecology and foreign policy. 15. Ecological future of India. Regional Concerns: 16. The Kaveri quagmire guidance from ecological wisdoms. 17. Ecography of coastal Tamilnadu. 18. Ecological perils of the Sethusamudram project. 19. Ecological Solutions for Telangana Ecosystem – Centric development and administration. 20. Ecological revival of tanks. 21. Resurrecting a tradition. 22. Temples, coasts, tanks and ecology hybridize them and wait for the harvest. 23. One step forward and two steps backward. Descending Plagues: 24. Genetic toxicology and genepidemics. 25. Genotoxic Ill - Health from pollutions. 26. Genetic toxicology of pesticides in higher plant systems. 27. Genetic toxicology in India. 28. Urban genetic hazards. 29. Genepidemics, Genepandemics and Darwin an ominous possibility emerging from a reconsideration of Darwinism in its 150th year. They Also Serve: 30. Phytomass for energy. 31. Ramar Pillai’s petroplants the tragedy of Indian science. 32. Botanical pesticides. 33. Ecology burns to make way for energy. Eternal Hopes In The Heart: 34. Higher Education in Ecology and Environment With Special Reference to Natural Sciences. 35. Higher education in ecology and environment with special reference to social sciences and history. Appendices: 36. Forebodings of a native American Chief “End of Living and the ‘Beginning of Survival. 37. Concerns of the United Nations Taking a stand. 38. Vintage wisdoms: a bibliography 1990. Index. Nature is known.. Ecology? Balances among humans, plants, animals, water, soil, atmosphere, and energy? Therefore, basics are here. If violated, what happens? What is in store? Man never saw his earth until 1969. But yet to realize, it is fragile. Good man wages a virtual war on bad men as the greatest common good think globally, act locally- tanks, coasts, pesticides, policies, gender and what not pestilence stealeth in darkness! Unseen causes and invisible effects, seen later gene-based diseases-cancers, birth defects and heritable diseases. Why? Science turns sub-local and personal therefore an iota of real education and early literature on nature.