Diseases of Ornamental Crops
Edited by V Devappa, Dinesh Singh and S Jahagirdar
  • ISBN 13 : 9788170195863
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Contents: 1. Diseases of rose and their management/Devappa V., Archith T. C. and K. S. Shankarappa. 2. Diseases of jasmine and their management/Dinesh Singhand Rajesh Kumar Ranjan. 3. Diseases of tuberose and their management/Shamarao Jahagirdar, Devappa V. and Gurudatta Hegade. 4. Diseases of crossandra and their management/N. G. Ravichandra and C.P. Manjula. 5. Diseases of gladiolus and their management/S. Sriram and G.M. Sandeep Kumar. 6. Diseases of gerbera and their management/D.S. Kakade. 7. Diseases of carnation and their management/Nakkeeran, S., Vinodkumar, S., Dheepa, R. and Renukadevi. 8. Diseases of orchids and their management/R. P. Pant and T. K. Bag. 9. Diseases of marigold and their management/Snehalatharani and Devappa V. 10. Diseases of chrysanthemum and their management/Gurudatt M. Hegde, Sanghmitra Aditya and Shamarao Jahagirdar. 11. Diseases of lilium and their management/Sangeetha, C.G. 12. Diseases of geranium and their management/Sunita Chandel and Vijay Kumar. 13. Diseases of anthurium and their management/Sandeep Kumar G. M. 14. Diseases of china aster and their management/Gurudatt M. Hegde, Sanghmitra Aditya and Devappa V. 15. Nematode diseases of ornamental crops/Ravindra H. and Jayalakshmi K. 16. Diseases of hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) andgailardia sp. and their management/B. Anjaneya Reddy and R. Munilakshmi. Index.