Disaster Management: Hazard and Risk Awareness: A Comprehensive Approach
N V S Raju
  • ISBN : 9789388305341
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Contents: 1. Kshamayaa Dharithri (Oh Tolerant Mother Earth! Forgive Me). 2. Elements of Disaster. 3. Earthquake. 4. Tsunami. 5. Volcano. 6. Landslides. 7. Avalanche and Blizzard. 8. Cyclone–Hurricane–Typhoon. 9. Floods and Soil Erosion. 10. Drought and Famine. 11. Industrial Hazards (Chemical, Fire, Explosion and Radiation). 12. Heat/Cold Waves, Wildfire and Deforestation. 13. Pollution and Acid Rains. 14. Accidents in Transport (The Manmade Disasters). 15. Violence, Terrorism and Wars (The Manmade Disasters). 16. Bio-hazards (Bacterial, Protozoan and Fungal Epidemics). 17. Bio-hazards: Viral Epidemics. This book ‘Disaster Management Hazard and Risk Awareness: A Comprehensive Approach’ provides various concepts and knowledge on all the hazards, disasters and the risk associated with them. The book develops the mitigation skill too. All the functions and responsibilities of disaster manager are discussed. Both the types of disasters, natural (such as Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano, Floods, Cyclone, Heat/Cold Waves, Avalanche, Blizzard, Drought/ Famine and Epidemics) and manmade (like Wars, Terrorism, Violence, Air/ Marine/ Rail/ Road Accidents, Soil Erosion, Pollution. Acid Rains and so forth) are sufficiently from fundamentals to advancements in concepts while narrating the historical records of oldest to latest. It aims at providing an insight into various mitigating, rescuing, rehabilitating and recovering techniques, and awareness on safety and security measures in hazard prone areas as well as the preparedness, resisting, avoiding methods when Disaster is expected to occur. The special features in this book are : Coverage of all the topics of disasters and its mitigation and management. Visualization of concepts through thought provoking Cartoons. Lucid presentation and simple language. The self assessment questionnaire at every topic. Short Answer type and Long Answer type questions with sufficient number of illustrations. Interesting O'My Silent Inner Vibes -'O'M SIV', The tales and narratives which could touch your heart. The case studies, situation analyses and topics mini/major projects. The latest developments under 'O MY God (OMG)?' and some tips to remember. Smaller chapters with practical examples and comparisons wherever required.