Designs from Indian Textiles: Kashmir Shawls - Jamavar
Gwande, Aparna
  • ISBN : 9789387269705
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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The beauty and uniqueness of the traditional Indian patterns and motifs has been portrayed through this collection of designs that have taken inspiration from world renowned Indian textile art forms. While Part 1 was dedicated to Kalamkari and Part 2 is based on the Block Prints. This book which is the third one in the trilogy has been dedicated to 'Jamavar' or Kashmir Shawls which were famously known as the ‘Cashmere Shawls’ in Europe. The designs in this book are a contemporary representation of the art form without losing their originality and uniqueness. Separate pages have been provided with detailed outlines for the reader to apply his or her own color arrangement along with contemporary color variations and ideas for design applications. This book will serve as a valuable handbook for textile designers, students, artists, visualizers and craftsmen. Besides the designs can find their use across a wide spectrum of applications such as wall papers, decorative materials, murals, wall art and any and every sphere where design can be applied.