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Demystifying Brahminism and Re-Inventing Hinduism Volume 1. Demystifying Brahminism

Demystifying Brahminism and Re-Inventing Hinduism Volume 1. Demystifying Brahminism

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Author:Satya Shri
ISBN 13:9781946515537
Subject:Philosophy and Religion

About the Book

'Religion is a tool in the hands of the oppressor against the oppressed solely because he frames the commandments and calls them the God's', is an apt description of the Hindu social order. ≪ br/> The book rips open the raw nerve of hinduism-its invidious castes, positioned as a 'god-br>ordained' Institution, commandeered by its freebooter Priestly Class while clandestine establishing its religious, social and political hegemony through interpolation of its pristine and effulgent scriptures. ≪ br/> The author boldly analyses this imbroglio through a microscopic analysis of these and more related issues: < br/> - how priests controlled the Hindu religious, social, educational and political apparatus? ≪ br/> - how the dominant Priestly Class fractured the society into mutually antagonistic subordinated hierarchical segments, and ruled it by reserving all elite jobs for itself? ≪ br/> - how the fiendish priesthood emasculated shudras by depriving them of the 'shastra and shastra' (Education and arms) and made them permanent 'village servant classes'? ≪ br/> - how the pretensions of attaining siddhis through 'meditation and penances' Established priests as the 'gods on Earth' For their assertions of 'purity and effulgence'? ≪ br/> - how 'karma', 'reincarnation' And '84-lakhs births' Theories were devised to justify fatalism and hierarchical gradation of varnas? ≪ br/> - can India be rightfully called the 'vishvaguru' And the mother of all civilisations? ≪ br/> - how Buddhism effeminated Hindus and made them the doormats for the ruthless? ≪ br/> - why Hindus had to abandon their own, to ADO foreign institutions of governance? ≪ br/> - why Hinduism should become a universal and proselytising faith and fight demographic challenges posed by Islam and Christianity?.