Cyperaceae of Western Ghat, West Coast and Maharashtra
M A Wadoodkhan
  • ISBN 13 : 9788171920822
  • year : 2015
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The family Cyperaceae (commonly known as sedge family) is taxonomically one of the most intricate families. It is represented by about 70 -80 genera and about 4000 species distributed throughout the world. India represents 28 genera and 500 species while the study regions are represented by about 16 genera and about 322 species and 84 infraspecific taxa. The studies in Cyperaceae did not progress well as compared to those in grasses and is neglected throughout the world and more so in India. All these 400 taxa are dealt with in present work which serves two fold purpose viz. primarily it provides the first hand information with regards to diversity, and availability of taxa in study regions and secondly provides tools for easy identification of sedges so that even beginners will feel comfortable with studies of the family. The first hand information provided in the book is hoped instrumental for further research in experimental taxonomy of family including biosystematic studies, revisionary and monographic studies at generic level, ultimately leading to encyclopaedic knowledge of the sedges of the regions. It needs to be mentioned here that this is the second comprehensive floristic account of Cyperaceae being published after about 130 years of the publication of first well known treatise by C. B. Clarke in 1893 - 94 in FBI. Obviously this second account much improved, relevant information accumulated over the extensive period is meticulously dealt with in present work. The book provides certain user friendly topics and subtopics such as illustrated glossary of macro and micro morphological characters and their role in sedge taxonomy, generic, specific and infra specific delimitation of taxa, polymorphism, species complexes and ecological grouping etc. Every genus is provided with critical and comparative notes to understand generic and specific delimitation and circumscription.