Cyber Unsafe: A Handbook for Preventing Computer Frauds and Cyber Crimes
Gaurav Gupta and Garima Gupta
  • ISBN : 9788195422913
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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COMPUTER FRAUDS AND CYBER CRIMES ARE A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF HOW DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CAN PROVIDE NEW DIMENSIONS TO TRADITIONAL CRIMES AND MAKE THEM MORE SOPHISTICATED. With ever-increasing reliance on digital technology, the number of digital crimes has been growing exponentially. Lack of public awareness of the potential misuse of digital technology is further fuelling the growth of these crimes. There is very little reliable information available to help people understand the dangers associated with digital technology. This book is an attempt to fill this gap. Envisaged as a ready reckoner, it will help readers safeguard themselves against computer frauds and cyber crimes. With relatable stories, revealing facts, and incisive insights, Cyber Unsafe busts the myths surrounding digital technology and related crimes.