CULTURAL TRADITIONS OF ISLAM: An Encyclopaedia (7 Volumes Set)
Stanly A Cook
  • ISBN : 9781619520349
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This century will take its place as a great landmark in the cultural history of Muslims. Their past culture, based on the orthodox teaching of Islam and the old traditions of Iran and Central Asia, is assuming a new phase and spirit, as it has to adjust itself to new conditions. Cosmopolitanism, international harmony and the old type of absolute monarchy are yielding place to nationalism and democracy. East, once the teacher, if not the conqueror, of the West, assumed the role of a humble and obedient pupil, and now once again is establishing its rightful place in the international community. If that has indeed to happen, Islamic Cultural traditions are going to play a vital role in this renaissance. Therefore, the understanding of the cultural traditions of Islam in all their manifestations are not only important, but a significant part of road this movement will take. What the outcome of such intellectual, social and cultural imitation will be may, perhaps, become clear to historians of the next century. The definitive edition of each book has been selected for this collection, which include the subject-formative works.