Cultural History of Western Himalayas
B L Kapoor
  • ISBN 13 : 9788182900615
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
The Himalayan region of India is treasure house of vast information about the culturally rich past of this country. Its location and difficult terrain posed as a barrier for all those Forces who marched into our mainland with lust of destroying the relics of History and archaeology. This region still offers an abundant Wealth of historical and traditional inputs to preserve and protect our local, regional and ultimately national ethos. In this treatise, author has made precise attempts to unfold the Events and Objects which constitute the basic elements leading to high light the main ethos and issues in shape of sculptures, temples, forts, events and historical accounts embedded in them. Out of vast tract of the Himalayas, the Western Himalayas is the core area of the authorsâ Study and out of the western Himalayas, he has concentrated on the present Political entity known as Himachal Pradesh. The materials pertaining to the rest of the areas are to be covered by the subsequent volumes. The objectives of this treatise has been achieved as the authors describes in the preface-partly by independent traveling, partly by consolidating the historical datas of the place and partly by curating the traditional legends and tales percolating from the WISDOM of generations to generations. The wonderful blending of antiquities Archaeology and history has resulted in unfolding the imprints of age old ethos and issues permeating and penetrating the vast length and breath of the Western Himalayan terrain which constitute the wonderful and extra-ordinary chapters of thought process and their glories.