Crossing Threshold: Women Writers of the Sub-Continent 2 Volumes
Edited by Dr Farzana S Ali
  • ISBN : 9788171921133
  • year : 2015
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Literature act as a radical tool for providing deep meaningful understanding of the problems, conflicts and struggles of the society. The feminist vision of social transformation and change has been observed in the textual creativity and in the writings of women writers of the subcontinent. With the Booker Prize to Arundhati Roy, Jhumpa Lahiri, Manju Kapur and others; women writers' creativity has received international recognition. Women writers have written consistently about negotiating and resisting multiple patriarchies and internal colonization. Through the act of threshold crossings they chose to transgress patriarchal boundaries and articulate views on urgent socio-political issues and sexual politics. Crossing Threshold thus serve as a strong metaphoric function in the context of women's writing. It is often equated with deviance and transgression and also with freedom in the modern context- in a society that imposes behavioural conformity on its women. Selected writers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh express themselves on variety of themes. Still there is a growing need to explore _race, class, gender, nation, sexuality and colonialism not just in terms of static, embodied categories but in terms of histories and experiences that tie us together-with the notion of threshold; that indicates the restricted periphery of women's place in family and society.