CRI ENCYCLOPEDIA (2 Volumes Set) (Rs 2500 + Rs 500 for Service Charges)
Dr George Panthanmackel
  • ISBN : 9789388968379
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This work contains mention about 504 Institutes of Consecrated Life in all. Some elaborative and some descriptive that render an adequate coverage of all institutes of Consecrated Life working in India with details about their origin, development and areas of Apostolate. We can now find reference to all the Religious Congregations in India in a single volume, some that originated in India and went to work in other countries while others took birth in foreign nations and found a mission field in India. Many details therein, unknown to many until now, should become an eye-opener and create an awakening as to where the church in India stands today in terms of its contribution to the nation. It should also be testifying to the rest as to the underpinnings of the birth and sustenance of a congregation and throwing light into the essentials of religious life. This two-volume CRI Encyclopedia is divided into two parts: Institutes of Consecrated Life and Themes of Contributions. The Part on Institutes of Consecrated Life has articles about each institute; whereas Themes of Contributions are about individuals and institutes that have made visible contributions in various fields. The ‘Index’ given at the end of Volume II consists of selected references to important themes and subthemes discussed in both volumes of the Encyclopedia.