Cow: A Celestial Being
S Balakrishnan and K M Shukla
  • ISBN : 9789353224684
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Introduction. 1. Ethical Perspective. 2. The Scriptural perspective. 3. Economic Perspective. 4. Medical Perspective. 5. A Scientific Perspective. 6. Historical and Archaeological Perspective. 7. Panchgavya. 8. Kamdhenu. 9. Goshalas. 10. Cow --An Emotional and Intelligent Being. 11. Cow Protection versus Cow Slaughter. 12. Constitutional Perspective . 13. Supreme Court on Cow Slaughter and Compassion for Living Creatures. 14. Authors’ Views and Some Practical Suggestions. 15. List of Indian Cattle Breeds. 16. List of Indian Cattle Breeds. Bibliography. If you have not given much I thought as to what an amazing gift of God, a cow is, this book is a great place to start! So it is if cows have always been close to your heart. This unique work of heart effortlessly explores the intricate and deeply interwoven relationship man shares with these bovine beauties! India perhaps is the only country in the world, where this bond is so very sacred and special, yet complex and complicated! This book grazes you through the heart, body, and soul of a cow, breezing through various complex issues related to it, ranging from Science to Spirituality, history to the present troubled times. But in all this, what lingers in the reader's mind, is the beautiful flavour and fragrance of the deep-rooted love of the authors, towards these lovable, affectionate, emotional, at the same time smart and intelligent bovine creatures!