Covid Chronicles of India
Falguni Mehta
  • ISBN : 9789354271991
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Covid Chronicles of India is a collection of paintings by Falguni Mehta that pay homage to Covid fighters and survivors of India. The paintings depict India's Covid scenario in a sensitive yet hard hitting manner. Her deft strokes and unique mix of colours bring to life the turmoil and challenges faced by migrants, doctors, caregivers and many others in India. Vivid and thought-provoking, each painting prompts one to think beyond one's self. Be it 'the girl on the cycle' or 'the coffin of the caregiver' - these images will sear your soul and stay there long after you have closed the book. About the Author Falguni Mehta is an independent artist based in Mumbai with over 25 years of experience in acrylic, water colour, pen and ink, oil and mixed media textures. Falguni considers painting as her form of meditation. Her bright and harmonious colour palate evokes bliss that transcends generations. Her numerous solo as well as thematic group shows stand testimony to her passion for art. She regularly hosts workshops in India as well as overseas about self expression in art through various media. She has also been teaching IGCSE and A levels Art and Design and IB visual arts.