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Counter-Terrorism Warfare in South Asia

Counter-Terrorism Warfare in South Asia

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Author:Lt Col (Retd) Dr Tenshubam Hemo Singh
ISBN 13:9788183706674
Subject:Military Studies

About the Book

CONTENTS: acknowledgements, Preface, Abbreviations, Part-1 1. Prologue, 2. Asian Configuration: Geo-Politics, 3. South asia (Bharatvarsha), 4. West Asia, 5. Central Asia, 6. North Asia, 7. South East Asia, PART-II 8. Terrorism, 9. Geographical Profile of Terrorism, PART-III 10. Terrorist Organizations (The Gladiators) PART-IV 11. War on Terror: Responses, 12. War Against Non-traditional Stakeholders, 13. India-Bangladesh Counter-Terrorism Strategic Movement, 14. India-Bhutan Relations Speial Strategic Bilateral Security Framework, 15. India-Myanmar Counter-terrorism Warfae: Strategic Response, 16. India-USA Strategic Security Relations: War on Terrorism, 18. Indo-Soviet Strategic Relationship, 19. Anti-Terror Law, 20. Tryst with Destiny, PART-V 21. Higher Defence Policy and Management, 22. Himalayas Defence Policy, 23. Nuclear Power Agenda of India: Looking Ahead, 24. Strategic Foreign Policy of India: Way Ahead, PART_VI 25. Surging Bharat (India): National Security for Next Millennium, 26. Atma Nirbharatam, 27. Let Humanity Survive, Appendix A, Appendix B, Index, Photographs.