Contemporizing Raj Yoga: Neuroscience and Practices
Bhaskar Vyas and Rajni Vyas
  • ISBN : 9789386682086
  • year : 2017
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This book is meant for the 21st century practitioners of Raj Yoga. It can be used as a road map to a particular path and, the choice of a particular vehicle- method to practice with. It is the summation of their studies across four decades. The quest was to arrive at transformation of mind. It describes how consciousness-> mind-> brain and body are an integral whole. Even for the skeptics of esoteric practices, it provides a resolution to the dilemma as to how to integrate science and spirituality. Well established neuroscience of molecular biology and gene expression studies in practitioners of meditation are described. The expanding exploration of the frontiers of consciousness as a quantum physical phenomenon can be glimpsed through the book. For those with utility and bent of mind, the book is a useful handbook to find and navigate with a method that will lead to happiness. It surely will yield dividends in promotion of better health.