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Contemporary Japanese Sociology (3 Vols)

Contemporary Japanese Sociology (3 Vols)

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Author:Edited by Jun Kobayash, Junya Tsutsui, Masayuki Kanai and Naoki Sudo
ISBN 13:9789386602626
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology/General References

About the Book

Japanese sociology emerged by inculcating concepts from European and American sociology. However, it evolved in its own way and has tried to theorize and empirically understand human experiences. Therefore, its accumulated knowledge and wisdom is expected to provide valuable lessons to the world at large. Contemporary Japanese Sociology aims at showcasing what Japanese sociology has attained and its expected future course. The editors of this unique collection have brought together the best and most challenging contributions in the field. The title is organized into two parts. The first part deals with empirical works. It focuses on social inequality in the global society