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Contemporary Governments in Action

Contemporary Governments in Action

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Author:Mohan S. Kashikar and Dillipkumar Merkap
ISBN 13:9788175102381
Subject:Indian Politics and International Relations

About the Book

Contents: 1. The constitution. 2. The constitution of India: features and philosophy. 3. Constitutionalism. 4. Legislature. 5. Legislature in India. 6. Executive. 7. Executive in India. 8. Judiciary. 9. Judiciary in India. 10. Separation of powers. 11. Unitary Government. 12. Federal Government. 13. Parliamentary Government. 14. Presidential Government. 15. Political parties. 16. Party system in India. 17. Regionalism and regional parties in India. 18. Pressure groups and social change. 19. Citizenship.