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Computers Today (Three Volumes Set)

Computers Today (Three Volumes Set)

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Author:Amit Johri and B S Jauhari
Subject:Science and Technology

About the Book

Computers have become ubiquitous and their presence can be felt everywhere, in all walks of human life. Everyone of us comes across computer-generated outputs in some form or the other, day in and day out. Computer usage will explode in the years ahead. There has been a vast development in the field of computer technology and its usage in divers applications. The decade that has just passed by can aptly be called the decade of computers. Because, of all the technological achievements and innovations that were made during the last ten years, computers had the maximum impact upon human life. And the coming years will see computers rising to new heights of power and glory. The prediction of a workstation in everybody's future can be anticipated now. We will receive information from some source, do something with that information and then forward it to some other person or to another workstation. In short, we will spend the rest of our lives in a society in which MOST people will be engaged in manipulating and transmitting information. The computer is the engine driving our information society and thus it becomes important for anyone (meaning any of today:s students) to get computer-LITERATE. Computer literacy is