Community Medicine with Recent Advances (Fifth Edition)
A H Suryakantha
  • ISBN : 9789388958813
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Contents: Section 1: Basic Concepts of Community Medicine: 1. Introduction to community medicine. 2. Concept of health. 3. Concept of disease. 4. Concept of prevention. Section 2: Environment and Health. 5. Environment and water. 6. Air and ventilation. 7. Noise. 8. Light. 9. Radiation. 10. Housing. 11. Meteorology. 12. Disposal of wastes. 13. Management of hospital waste. 14. Electronic waste management. 15. Medical entomology. Section 3: Nutrition and Health. 16. Nutrition and health. Section 4: Occupational Health: 17. Occupational health. Section 5: Epidemiology: 18. Principles and practice of epidemiology. 19. Epidemiology of infectious diseases. 20. Epidemiology of communicable diseases. 21. Epidemiology of noncommunicable diseases. Section 6: Health-related Disciplines: 22. Maternal and child health services (preventive obstetrics and pediatrics). 23. Demography. 24. Family planning. 26. Social science. 27. Information, education and communication. 28. Human genetics. 29. Preventive geriatrics. 30. Mental health. 31. Adolescent health. 32. Alcoholism and drug addiction. Section 7: Health Administration and Organization: 33. Health for all. 34. Millennium development goals. 35. Sustainable development goals. 36. Health care. 37. National health mission. 38. Health planning and management. 39. National health planning. 40. National health policy. 41. National voluntary health agencies/organizations. 42. International health organizations. 43. Bilateral agencies. 44. National health programmes. Section 8: Allied Subjects: 45. Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. 46. Disaster management. 47. Integrated disease surveillance project: 2004-2009. 48. Bioterrorism. 49. Global warming. 50. Integrated management of neonatal and childhood illness. 51. Integrated management of childhood illness. 52. Telemedicine in public health. 53. Tobacco and health. 54. Internet and health. 55. Public health acts. 56. Annexure. Index. Key Features: • Thoroughly revised and updated edition. • Text is presented in bulleted format for easy reading. • Cover page reminds the reader of some of the great stalwarts, who have contributed to the public health in terms of lives that can be saved. • As per the title, it encompasses the recent advances in the field of community medicine. • New topics included are National Health Policy – 2017, National Health Insurance Schemes, Epidemiology of Stress, Epidemiology of Leptospirosis, National Kala-azar Elimination Programme, Epidemiology of Asian Lineage Avian Influenza H7N9 Virus, National Strategy for Malaria Elimination, National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS and STI 2017–2024, National Oral Health Programme, Floods and Health, and Nipah Virus Disease. • New small topics included are Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Biomedical Waste Management Rules – 2016, ICMR Recommended Daily Allowances of the Nutrients, Global Vaccine Action Plan, National Operational Guidelines on Introduction of Measles – Rubella Vaccine, Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral Hepatitis, National Deworming Day, Suraksha Clinic, Revised Guidelines on Anti-retroviral Therapy, Modified Kuppuswamy’s Method of Socio-economic Classification, Mother’s Absolute Affection Programme, Mother and Child Tracking System, Sample Registration System, Meta-analysis, Fish-Bowl Technique, “All-In” initiative, Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram, Gantt chart, Focus Group Discussion, Poisson Distribution, Ayushman Bharat, Rapid tests for detection of Food Adulterants, List of Health Policies and many more. • Focus is also given on updating National Immunization Schedule – 2017, Zoonoses, Zika vaccine, Mycobacterium indicus pranii vaccine, Opened Multidose Vial Policy, Intensified Mission Indradhanush and Post-exposure Prophylaxis for Leprosy. • Revised topics are Epidemiology of Dengue Fever, Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme and National Programme on Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke. • The exquisite flowcharts, diagrams and pictures with lucid language make reading a pleasurable experience. • New guidelines, recommendations, health programmes and schemes have been added. • New chapters on Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness and Internet and Health have been incorporated. • Comprehensively covers the syllabus as recommended by the universities. • Distribution of diseases has been depicted in the world and Indian Maps. • Text is supported with easy-to-reproduce flowcharts, tables, life cycles of parasites, treatment algorithms, well-drawn figures, concept maps, graphs. • Includes Appendices giving additional information on some stalwarts and their contribution to community medicine, calendar of important dates and events, milestones in vaccination and many more. • Reading clarifies the doubts and confusions thereby making the subject matter interesting. • It is not only student-friendly, but also teacher-friendly. • Useful for public health professionals and policy makers. • Gives the researchers a thought to work in terms of preventing the disease and promoting the health, thus serving the humanity.