COMMERCIAL PLANT BREEDING - 1 VEGETABLE CROPS Part -1 Commercial Plant Breeding and Regulatory Affairs (2 Parts Set)
Hari Har Ram
  • ISBN : 9789390512713
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The present book entitled “Commercial Plant Breeding-1 Vegetable Crops” contains 32 chapters bifurcated into two parts, part I “Commercial Plant Breeding and Regulatory Affairs” having initial 14 chapters deals with commercial plant breeding, the vegetable seed business, vegetable seed supply chain management, all India coordinated research project (vegetable crops), world vegetable centre (AVRDC), and seed and IPR related acts. The part II “Commercial Breeding of Vegetable Crops” having remaining 18 chapters is devoted to commercial breeding of individual major vegetable crops relevant to seed industry. The book is intended for undergraduate and post graduate students of state agricultural universities and agricultural colleges for the courses on vegetable breeding in general and commercial vegetable breeding in particular and the professionals across ICAR Institutes, SAUs and Seed Industry. First of its kind, the present book aims to bring academic and vegetable seed business worlds both on a common platform Contents: Part 01: Commercial Plant Breeding and Regulatory Afairs 1. Commercial Plant Breeding 2. Vegetable Seed Business in India 3. Multi-Location Testing and Product Development 4. Grow Out Test 5. Seed Supply Chain Management 6. Seed Import and Export 7. Release and Notification of Vegetable Varieties in India 8. The Seed Act 1966 9. New Seed Policy 1988 10. Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act, 2001 11. Biological Diversity Act 2002 12. DUS Testing and Registration of Varieties 13. All India Coordinated Research Project (Vegetable Crops) 14. World Vegetable Centre (AVRDC) Part 02: Commercial Breeding of Vegetable Crops 15. Tomato 16. Chili 17. Eggplant 18. Okra 19. Cabbage 20. Cauliflower 21. Bottle Gourd 22. Bitter Gourd 23. Sponge Gourd 24. Ridge Gourd 25. Cucumber26. Pumpkin 27. Watermelon 28. Muskmelon 29. Onion 30. Radish 31. Carrot 32. Vegetable Pea