Collaborative Learning and Teaching of Communicative Skills
Shanoor Khushru Mirza
  • ISBN : 9788171922277
  • year : 2023
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Communication skills are an essential element for an enthusiastic communicator no matter what the role played by an individual, be it a teacher/facilitator or a student/learner. They must be able to speak clearly and listen well to establish effective collaborative relationships and to align set goals intelligently. In an era of knowledge explosion, scientific advancement and technological development, it is imperative that besides creative thinking, critical thinking and inarguably the skills of communicating the knowledge acquired with excerpts from the previous knowledge and training the mind to enhance the mental power to compare and contrast data, opinions, theories, proposed solutions, clearer propaganda techniques, to ascertain their relevance and applicability as per suitability is the gamut of the exercise that students must be trained to train their faculties and chisel and hone their communicative skills to stay tuned to the process of learning. Each moment in life is immortalized by seeing, believing, observing, listening to sounds - words, speeches, music; reading, understanding, learning; retaining and then recalling and recounting at the opportune moment the appropriate words. This is what is distinctive and distinguishes between the evolved man and animals and/or other living organisms/life forms. It is the understanding that comes from language and its use as a tool of communication.