Climate Change: The Introductory Analysis
Bhowmik, Debesh
  • ISBN : 9789388147224
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The book titled Climate Change : The Introductory Analysis is the fundamental studies on climate change. The book covers the areas on gender studies, poverty, forest management, food security, WTO, REDD, sustainable development, international trade, renewable energy, climate finance, nuclear energy, climate negotiations and climate policies of dominant countries such as EU, UK, China, India, Africa etc., all of which have great impact on environment, climate change and the economy. Carbon trading and carbon tax have been explained in the effects of climate change. Rabindranath Tagore’s idea on environment and climate change in the economy is added for economic thought. The roles of the international institutions on climate change were boldly clarified. The students and the researchers will benefit from studying this book. Contents include : Concept of Climate Change; Climate Change and Environment; Gender and Climate Change; Lessons on Poverty and Climate Change; Analysis on Forest Management and Climate Change; An Overview on Food Security and Climate Change; Global Warming, Sustainable Development and W.T.O.; Climate Change Debates and India’s Response to International Climate Policy; Climate Policy; Economics of Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development and Green Jobs; India’s Renewable Energy : Achievements and Targets; Rabindranath Tagore : An Environmentalist and an Activist; International Trade and Climate Change; Implications on Climate Change and Institutions; Anatomy of Climate Change Negotiations; Important Features and Dimensions of Climate Finance; Climate Change and Nuclear War; Climate Change and Nuclear Energy; Carbon Trading; What is Carbon Tax?; Conclusion; Annexures.