Climate Change and Natural Resources: A Study of Indian Desert
H S Sharma
  • ISBN 13 : 9789351252801
  • year : 2018
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The book deals with Climate Change and its impacts on Natural Resources particularly land and water resources of climate sensitive of Rajasthan. This book reviews divergent views on Climate Change issues at global, national and regional levels. There is no doubt that the earth has been witnessing climate changes during geological history. However, anthropogenic forces have out competed natural forces particularly after industrial revolution. The book addresses climate change during last 112 years in Indian Desert and its impacts on natural resources. The significance of the book lies in the fact that it provides a comprehensive account of human perception on climate change issues and impacts in Rajasthan. It is expected that the book will be of immense value to researchers, students, policy-makers and scholars of cognet disciplines in understanding the significance of climate change and to adopt a strategic pathway to prevent and mitigate the impacts of climate change in a climatic sensitive desert state of Rajasthan.