Christ, the Healer: Exploring Indigenous People's Spirituality
Bendanglemla Longkumer
  • ISBN : 9789351482833
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Christ, the Healer : Exploring Indigenous People's Spirituality Bendanglemla Longkumer Vedams Books 9789351482833 Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Reimagining Jesus from his Praxis of the Reign of God. 2. Potential Images/Emerging Profiles of Jesus from Asia. 3. Emergence of Contextual Christology and Challenges in Northeast India. 4. Jesus as `Arasentsur', Constructing a Relevant Indigenous Christology. Conclusion. Bibliography. The book is an attempt to contextualize and formulate Christology that is appropriate for the indigenous Christians. In this attempt, traditional source such as `Arasentsur' that is close to the people is used as a working model. The book suggests that contextualizing theologies can be made possible through integration of the Biblical sources on the healing aspect of Jesus and the role of `Arasentsur' in healing among the indigenous community. The theological validity of this working model is that it is integrally related to the cultural consciousness, spirituality and demonstrates the theoretical and practical implications for the indigenous people. While locating the many potential images of Jesus Christ in Asian context the book brings out different dimensions of healing - healing from psychosomatic state, healing as forgiving, healing as freedom, healing as deliverance and being made accountable, which projects healing as holistic; a much needed healing for the people in the midst of socio-cultural alienation, political turmoil, economic instability and so on. The book suggests that being healed for the indigenous people would mean being exorcised from the numerous struggles that impinges their life