China's Debt Trap Policy and Expansion in the IOR: Security Challenges for India
Nishtha Kaushiki
  • ISBN : 9788126932641
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Chinese assertiveness and expansionism is a reality being witnessed by the entire world today in the covid-19 environment. The nation is on a prowl, creating artificial islands in the South China sea & debt traps in Indian Ocean region through a swirl of port acquisitions & see in the name of growth & connectivity. However, tacitly enhancing its naval prowess day by day. This book brings to fore the intertwined aspects of security challenges likely to be faced by India owing to Beijing's policies of open-ended foreign aid and the opaque obor which actually are its own geo-political tools aimed at fulfilling the 'Chinese dream and avenge the century of humiliation. The case studies involving well planned & coordinated policy implementation by Beijing in Pakistan, Djibouti, sri-lanka and Myanmar have been meticulously examined by the author through descriptive & analytical method of studying the minutest details intertwined in the historical, diplomatic, economic & geo-political factors. The book offers valuable insights about the dangers posed to the Indian security both in peace as well as amidst a military conflict.