CHILD ABUSE IN SCHOOLS: Psychological Impacts
Sushma Pandey
  • ISBN : 9789354390241
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Child Abuse is a social psychological problem which is present at epidemic level within and outside the family around the globe. The causes of abuse are multifarious and impacts are very serious and damaging. The main purpose of the book is to explore the social and psychological bases of child abuse in schools and its psychological consequences on students. Specifically, the contributing roles of environmental and socio-demographic variables in the incidence and prevalence of child abuse in schools have been examined. Further, identifying the psychological characteristics of abusers/perpetrators, it explores various forms of abuses in different types of schools. Moreover, it tries to examine the impact of school abuse on cognitive, motivational, affective, and behavioural functioning of students. Finally, it has attempted to explore the effects of child abuse on personality development and health status of students. This book recommends for developing and implementing school based preventive/promotive intervention programmes to check incidence of abuse in schools and its detrimental consequences on students.