Chemistry of Bio-Molecules
Suhail Jeelani
  • ISBN : 9789391063122
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book covers all the fundamental aspects of chemistry of biomolecules. It has been written in a very simple manner and explains the fundamental concepts and techniques in detail so that they are very easily understood, even by those without even a basic understanding of the subject. Reading this textbook will give readers an idea of various the theoretical as well as experimental aspects of the subject. We hope the present book will enable the students to grasp the essential features of chemistry of biomolecules to achieve an understanding of the basics of the chemistry behind biological systems. The book essentially covers everything presented in Kashmir university syllabus designed for Skill Enhancement Course in Chemistry, but in easy-to-digest format. There is no break in the style that runs smoothly and is easier to absorb and assimilate. As experiments are a part of any course, more stress has been laid out in the book to understand the intricacies of relevant theories and even troubleshooting all experiments that you would conduct during the course of your study The book is designed for you to understand and elicit the answers from the book of all queries in your mind. I am aware that this book is used by most of your teachers and tutors too.