Cheese and Butter
V Cheke and A Sheepard
  • ISBN : 9788177541267
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book is not intended to be a technological treatise on the manufacture of cheese, whether on the true �cheese-making farms� or in the creameries. Farmhouse cheese-making has become an industrialized craft, and is decreasingly individual as economic pressure necessitates the centralization of plant and labour. Creamery manufacture, with its bulk handling and standardized methods, is an industrial branch of dairying. Modern methods of manufacture are so much involved with chemistry, microbiology and mechanization, that specific text books would be required to deal with any one part of the process. No attempt is therefore made to discuss the commercial methods of milk product, or byproduct, manufacturing processes. The book is essentially for the ordinary dairy farmer, the farmer's wife, and the housewife, or for any person in town or country who may be interested. It deals with the economical use of the smaller amount of milk, either that which is unsold surplus from the farm, or purchased especially for purposes of home manufacture. It considers the subject from the craftsman's point of view, but allows for those modern innovations which can be helpful without unduly complicating the processes.