Challenges to Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development
Poonam Agarwal
  • ISBN : 9789387057470
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Biodiversity provides the basis for life on earth. It encompasses all species of animals, plants, micro- organisms, ecosystem and ecological processes of which they are a part. India has been blessed with a rich heritage of natural resources, mega biodiversity and accumulated knowledge about utilization of natural resources. Advancement in technology and blind race of industrialization and modernization has resulted in unlimited exploitation of natural resources pushing them to the wall. So, the biodiversity has to face so many challenges to sustain themselves. The situation is reaching a crisis stage. Therefore, biodiversity needs its sustainable use. The present book contains 31 chapters covering all related disciplines which includes Biodiversity, Biodiversity Conservation, Forests, Biodiversity Conservation in Ancient Indian Script, Population Growth and Environmental Stress, Urbanization Threat to Biodiversity, Towards Modern/ Smart Cities, Tourism and Biodiversity, Anthropological Threat to Ethno-Medico Botanical Wealth of India, Water in Past and Present Perspective, Future Status of Water, Water Pollution and Biotic Life, Aquaculture- Threat to Biodiversity, Technology and Environment, Energy and Environment, Hazardous Electronic Wastes: Impending Challenge, Electromagnetic Pollution, Climate Change: Human and Plant Diseases, Climate Change: Challenge for Biodiversity, Climate Change and Medicinal Plant Diversity, Climate Change and Agriculture, Threat to Future- The Environmental Crime, Traditional Knowledge in Biodiversity, An Agenda for Change, Women: Key to Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, Biotechnology in Environmental Protection, Disaster Management, Environmental Management, Environmental Ethics- Our Present and Future Obligations, Sustainable Development- New Approaches and De-Extinction. This book will be of enormous interest and value to the students, teachers, scientists and professional as well as ecologists, conservationists and other people interested in biodiversity conservation.