Ceramic Ethnography of the Two Ecocultural Zones of Rajasthan
Pritish Chaudhuri
  • ISBN : 9789385161834
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The present book is an outcome of my deep interest on traditional knowledge and cultures of Rajasthan. This is an ethnographic study on pottery and terracotta of Rajasthan. The emphasis of the study is on traditional tools of potters, techniques, products, utility, about the community and all other activities that are associated with pottery and terracotta. The book starts with the introductory part about traditional knowledge, importance and objectives of study, methodology applied in the field, work plan and field limitations. It also describe about the villages that is the field areas which were selected for the study. The main objectives of the study are to study the traditional knowledge related to pottery and terracotta; in depth study of various forms of pottery, their tools and techniques of manufacturing pottery and other terracotta objects; to study various forms of rich art and craft of the two eco-cultural zones of Rajasthan which depicts the identity of the community, cultural background and geographical area they belong to. The study focused on the ethnographic study of the contemporary community that is the potters and their products, its utility and distribution on the basis of the ethnographic data and lastly, the socio- economic and ritual significance associated with pottery and terracotta, the intercommunity relationship and the present changes.